Gillian Squirrell

Has a passion for compassionate engagement and social entrepreneurship for the good.  Square Cube combines various elements from her career as an academic, senior manager, leader and social innovator.

With an MBA in public sector management and non-profits, training in relational leadership and process consultancy she has had over 20 years working in and with higher education, policy makers, human and health services. Gillian Squirrell is a seasoned evaluator, consultant and coach.  A creative and innovative thinker committed to helping organizations, teams and individuals.

2009-2011 she directed two programs (SEARCH and Changing Conversation) involving 48 universities which leveraged the power of community engagement as a driver for culture and organizational change. 

Gillian Squirrell has developed a number of non-profits in response to identified community needs (St Vincent's Housing Learning and Guidance: residential accommodation and training) and programs for communities of people living homeless, Homeless With Pets ( and Food In A Flash.

Dr Daniel Doherty

Dan has been an organizational coach, a consultant and an academic over a lengthy and successful career.  He is a senior coach and has worked in various organizational settings with executives, groups and individuals in professional and strategic development.  Truly a cosmopolitan coach having worked in countries on most continents.  He is currently a visiting professor in Bangkok, a senior lecturer in the UK and a frequent speaker at international conferences.  Dan has coaching clients in Dubai and the UK. 

Until December 2012 Dan was Research and Ethics Director for the European Mentoring and Coaching Council UK.  Dan is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Consortium.  One of Dan's pioneering areas of expertise is that of narrative coaching.  He is actively engaged in researching the efficacy of coaching. 

Square Cube: Networking for Good Associates

There is great power in networking and developing effective alliances with coaches and consultants with areas of significant and complimentary specialism and expertise.  Working for the greater good Square Cube works with some splendid collaborators. 

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