Working through a pandemic

We are quite literally 'working through' the implications of living, studying, creating and working during the time of a pandemic. Trying to make sense of what is going on, finding meaning, opportunity and places we can pivot in relation to the pandemic, its challenges and its implications. This type of 'working through' or processing requires different kinds of leadership, a more emotional, empathetic and relational based leadership.

This kind of 'working through' demands modalities and tools that can help the processing of what it difficult, uncertain and what is ambiguous, modalities such as processed based coaching and organizational development work that cultivates and works with emergence. 

We are also 'working through a pandemic' in the literal sense that people are needing to redesign their working processes, their work relationships and needing to think about reconfiguring the services and products that they supply. This may mean responding to changes through inventing new services or products that go beyond modifications. 

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