Working With Individuals

Our work with individuals is twofold:

1. Workshops that you can register for to develop active compassion and social impact projects, from the faintest of stirrings to supporting developing programs and social enterprises.  There are four workshops.

2. Coaching for individuals with a social impact mission. This may be one-to-one coaching and work with people germinating their impact ideas or with people taking their mission to its next level. 

Square Cube also runs ad hoc group coaching groups of solopreneurs.

1. Workshops for Getting into and Sustaining Action

Square Cube has five workshops for participants interested in exploring and creating active compassion and social impact projects.  Each one is outlined below.

1. No, Not That a 1/2 day workshop to begin surfacing what it is that participants find outrageous and how they want to move from disquiet and protest to more purpose driven activity.

2. Leadership for Change a one- day workshop to introduce a model of multi-dimensional leadership, an understanding of which enables people to lead from multiple positions and not simply act as a leader from the front.  This is an enormously empowering model of leadership for people seeking to develop their compassion projects and programs, highlighting the importance of the leader from within and overcoming obstacles and self-sabotage and the importance of co-leadership and recognizing need in the wider environment.  Participants are immersed in the value of understanding leadership as relational and agile.  Please see the diagram opposite.

3. Play Your Bigger Game A one-day workshop using the concept of a 9 square game board.  Participants learn how to keep themselves in motion as a they develop their positive social impact projects and non profit programs.  Each square has a particular role in helping individuals and projects remain fluid and dynamic.  Participants explore issues such as finding allies and even re-framing obstacles as allies, addressing sustainability, investment in self and taking big actions. Please see the diagram opposite.

4. Make Ideas Happen A one-day workshop where we move from ideation, (having a vague idea to a more concrete one) through managing barriers and self-sabotage into taking more focussed action and developing habits that sustain action.  You will leave with a number of tools to help you in your mission of getting into action.

5. Strategic planning and development for compassion and non-profit projects and programs.  A day to work through key steps in planning and developing a project or program. Participants will leave with some work completed and a clear set of next steps to help them move their ideas forward on a more certain foundation.  This workshop is offered both to those seeking to develop ideas and those seeking to scale up what they are doing.

2. One to One Coaching

Coaching is co-designed, as it has to be, with the coaching client.  What does the coaching client need and want from a coach and coaching ? How do they want to be held accountable and for what ?  What are the themes to explore and the goals to reach ?   All sessions follow individual's needs, goals and starting points.  

To offer some examples:

  • Coaching may focus on scratching that itch of compassion, exploring what it means to the individual, how compassion may be cultivated, using mindfulness, meditation and compassion practices. 
  • Coaching sessions may engage with the project of developing self-compassion and self-authorization. 
  • Coaching sessions may focus on leadership, cultivating self-authorization, learning how to co-lead and work with allies and develop the leadership of others in their community.  Sessions may work on developing a side project into a full scale social enterprise or non-profit.
  • Sessions may focus on scaling up  a program or project to something more full-scale

There are no limits to the forms exploring and developing social impact work can take, from developing a non profit, exploring positive social impacts through film, writing and other media, to developing greater self-leadership.

Bringing Elements of Ourselves into Alignment

Bringing various elements of ourselves into alignment creates powerful forward action. When they are not aligned it takes energy to keep the structure from toppling. Just look at the image below. It doesn't take much to see its weak points and that it will topple. Compare with the triangular diagram opposite, which has a steadier base. Doing some basic personal development and coaching work can bring us to a place of being more powerfully aligned and able to engage purposefully with our compassion projects and missions.

Group Coaching: Compassionate Social Impact Groups

In addition to one to one coaching we offer a group coaching activity where the group supports one another in the development of social impact projects and we deepen understanding of strategic compassionate impact.   These groups are created on an ad hoc basis.  Contact us to express your interest in joining.

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