Reframing Leadership

Thinking about leadership and re-framing ideas of leadership

There are many points from which people can lead. Where they opt to lead from will be informed by the individual's experiences, skills, comfort zones as well as having a contextual component.  Agile leaders can work and lead from multiple dimensions as the leadership model opposite illustrates. 

Agile leaders change their leadership perspectives and roles according to situation, the presence of other leaders or leadership potential, plans and progress.  Dynamic leadership may be likely to lead to bigger picture outcomes, it will certainly fold in the unexpected, run with the unintended benefits and will be more likely to create teams and organizations being as well as performing good.

Leading for Good

Leading for good encourages relational leadership where there is appreciation of multiple perspectives, focus on solution development, consensus building and generating broad-based commitment to outcomes.  Appreciation, compassion and self-compassion are not words associated with certain leadership styles, they are however associated with co- and team leadership, and non-predatory styles of leadership.  Being able to move into and through different styles of leadership will be more likely to generate the desired outcomes in situations of emergence and complexity, and generate purposeful and positive social impact.

Our Square Cube Leaders for Good workshops will support such agile and relational leadership.

Develop Some new leadership Styles

Cultivating Compassionate Leadership Styles.  Bringing mindfulness, emotional awareness and compassion to leadership.   This includes compassionate self-leadership.  A 1 day workshop.

Agile Leadership. Leveraging self, building allies, co-leading and boosting team members.  A workshop designed to underscored the multiple ways that leadership can be framed and from which it can be practiced. See the diagram opposite and downloadable notes below. A 1 day workshop.

Values Based Leadership.  Identifying and articulating values from which to lead.  Focusing on surfacing your own values and then exploring two questions: How do you not step over your own values ?  How resonant are the various communities and contexts to which you belong with your values ? A 1/2 day workshop.

These workshops can be provided to in-house teams within businesses and nonprofits as well as being offered as standalone events for individuals to join. 

Rethinking Leadership Styles

Changing styles of leadership give rise to different types of organizations, community groups and personal relationships. 

There are multiple resources to explore leadership for good, leadership done differently and the the ways in which leadership changes make changes in organizations.  Here are two to explore from Laloux's work on Reinventing Organizations.

Laloux's Summary Essay
Laloux presents his work as video