Square Cube Pairings

Let's introduce Square Cube Pairings. 

As part of our work with businesses, nonprofits and social enterprises we are also looking for opportunities where a business or organization would create a great partner in a Square Cube Pairing.  The Pairings are intended to be mutually beneficial, yielding:

  • high positive impact in terms of learning, growth and solution finding
  • real challenges and opportunities for dialogue between partners
  • common ground in terms of values and issues to be addressed

Prior to setting up a Pairing we work with the business partner to generate discussion about the knowledge, services or products they may wish to leverage into the community to create particular social impacts and have knowledge of the issues that a community program or social entrepreneur is trying to tackle.

In this Pairings section we include some projects and programs that will benefit from the compassionate attention, expertise and flare of professionals to support their development. 

Our Pairing Partners are non-profits and small social enterprises locally and some programs at a distance.