Low Cost and Pro Bono Work

Street Coach offers group and one to one coaching and other experiential learning and training activities to people living homeless.  Some work is pro bono other work is paid for through donations or commissions.  People may be down, but in our view are certainly not out. 

For full information please visit www.streetcoach.org

The Street Coach program is co-ordinated and largely run as Square Cube's direct positive social impact program with additional help from invited coaches, trainers and alternative wellness practitioners.

Our Current Street Coach Offerings

Knights and Demons  Three sessions to ramping up the power of positive self-talk and diminish the power and volume of negative self-talk

If it's all made up, then I want it to be...   group sessions to develop powers of lateral thinking and finding alternative ways to frame and respond to situations

What haven't I thought of yet ?  A workshop challenging the powers of 'stuckness' and assumptions.  After exploring default thinking styles participants are introduced to a seven part game board which encourages them to develop more agile thinking strategies by using the power of simple questions.  The final session introduces several frameworks for creative problem solving

One to one and group coaching for vocational and volunteering opportunities and to support housing transtitions.  Coaching helps at times of transition when challenge and uncertainty can lead people back to default behaviors that may be less helpful. 

Power Up and Pivot A 66 day program which stimulates and supports change for people living homeless.  It takes into account the context of homelessness and helps participants to understand some of the toll that living homeless takes and how to leverage those insights to support themselves in a change process.  The program fuses action and reflection to establish new behaviors.

Animal Assisted Coaching Participants work with animals to explore their default behaviors, personal leadership styles, patterns of communication and expectations of others.  The various backstories of some rescue animals are used to stimulate self-disclosure and story-telling.