Sample Square Cube: Our Taster Events

Come and sample Square Cube

These two hour evening tasters happen the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  These two hour stand alone workshops will give you some great concepts and tools to support you in making changes.  They're a way for you to meet us, see what Square Cube has to offer and try ideas and practices on for size.  We promise no sleazy up selling or cajoling.

We will take 5 minutes of your time outlining our philosophy and what we offer.  Then it's up to you. 

The taster sessions are a great opportunity for us to run a mixer event, for you and us to meet interesting new people.  Sometimes we use tasters as a way to see how material works.  Tasters are always a great opportunity for you to leave with some new takes on old issues, self-coaching tools, and to test out helpful practices for your life and workplace. 

We meet at 6876 Sebastopol Avenue, Sebastopol, CA 95472,  between 6 and 8. 

Donation Days

Periodically we run one day workshops and the proceeds go to work with people living homeless.

We ask a $100 fee for the day.  Depending on numbers, we work at our offices 6876 Sebastopol Avenue, Sebastopol, CA 95472, or ask a non-profit to donate space.  We donate our time.  Your fee covers material costs and some basic refreshments, the remainder is used in service provision for people living homeless.  You provide a brown bag lunch.

These events do not involve us in renting venues and buying refreshments but we never skimp on providing you with rich content.  You will leave, having had a great day playing with ideas and concepts that you'll find useful in life and work and which you can put immediately to use.